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Are you ready for a fleet management system that delivers exceptional results? Developed in collaboration with leading driver behavior experts from the University of Bath, Lightfoot is scientifically proven to enhance fleet safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness over the long term.

At the heart of Lightfoot's success is its direct communication with drivers via an in-cab dashboard device, offering real-time visual and verbal feedback to encourage smoother driving. As drivers improve their performance, they can participate in competitions, win prizes, compete in league tables, and access exclusive discounts through the Lightfoot app. This approach not only equips drivers with the tools to develop better driving habits but also rewards and incentivizes them for doing so, ensuring long-lasting benefits for your fleet.

How Lightfoot works

Our innovative solution empowers drivers to take control of their performance, leading to a self-managing fleet with superior driving practices at its core.

Promoting smoother driving through advanced in-cab technology

Lightfoot's in-cab device is seamlessly integrated with the vehicle's onboard computer, enabling our intelligent technology to fully analyze engine data. This allows Lightfoot to provide real-time coaching tailored to individual driver performance, guiding them towards a driving style that maximizes engine efficiency and fuel economy.

Training is facilitated through Lightfoot's patented 'nudge' system, developed by behavioral scientists and psychologists. Audible alerts and traffic light indicators on the display notify drivers when their driving moves away from optimal performance, prompting them to make adjustments before instances of poor or dangerous driving occur. This results in a cost-effective fleet where sustained improvements in driving behavior become the norm, replacing undesirable habits such as speeding, harsh braking, and rapid acceleration.

Motivating drivers toward excellence

Lightfoot transforms driver performance into a competitive endeavor through our unique Driver App. This online rewards platform motivates drivers to adopt better driving habits through positive reinforcement, offering high scores, prizes, and recognition for smoother vehicle handling. The app also identifies areas for improvement, enabling drivers to become self-managing as they strive for a more efficient driving style.

How Lightfoot enhances driver engagement:

Realistic targets - lightfoot app

Realistic targets

The objective is clear: every driver aims to achieve 'Elite Driver' status by keeping their Lightfoot device within the green zone as often as possible. This target, set at 85%, allows room for essential maneuvers while driving. Without Lightfoot, only around 3% of drivers reach this standard, whereas with Lightfoot, 80% of fleet drivers meet the target.

Leagues in the lightfoot app

Friendly competition

Drivers can monitor their scores and track their performance via the app, comparing their results with other drivers through in-app league tables and leaderboards. Various options are available, including pre-set league tables for different departments and regions, while app users can also create custom leagues, allowing for healthy competition among friends and colleagues.


Popular prizes

Upon achieving Elite Driver status, drivers become eligible to participate in weekly competitions and prize draws through the Lightfoot app, including the Drivers' Lottery. With a 1 in 10 chance of winning cash prizes ranging from £2 to £100 every week, drivers receive regular rewards for their performance. The app also offers prize giveaways such as hampers, vouchers, and experience days, providing drivers with multiple opportunities to benefit from improved driving performance each week.

Delivering undeniable benefits to fleet savings, safety, and sustainability

Cutting fleet costs

Lightfoot is proven to lower fuel consumption by up to 15%1, resulting in a substantial increase in mileage for your fleet. Additionally, smoother driving practices can reduce vehicle wear and tear by as much as 45%2, lessening the burden of costly maintenance and repairs.

Enhancing road safety

Lightfoot equips your drivers with the skills to instinctively avoid risky behaviors such as speeding, aggressive driving, harsh braking, and rapid cornering. This equates to a remarkable reduction in at-fault accident rates, potentially slashing them by up to 40%3 and ensuring the safety and compliance of your fleet.

Lowering fleet emissions

Lightfoot will play a pivotal role in reducing your fleet's environmental footprint by significantly cutting harmful CO2 and NOx emissions by up to 15%4. Embracing smoother driving practices is one of the most effective strategies for decarbonizing your fleet's petrol and diesel vehicles.

1. Lightfoot data collected 2019-2021 | 2. Endorsed by Ian Thorn, CEF | 3. Validated by Allianz Insurance Plc. | 4. Lightfoot data collected 2018-2020

Other tangible benefits of Lightfoot:

Ongoing expert support

A dedicated account manager for all your fleet needs

Done-for-you service

Devices fully fitted by our qualified installation engineers

Simple, centralised system

All your fleet data in one platform to streamline operations

Improved driver culture

A happier, more engaged, and motivated workforce

Lightfoot's EV solution

Ready to electrify your fleet? Lightfoot can provide you with a comprehensive electric vehicle fleet management solution that will streamline the transition to EVs, ensuring improved range, minimized downtime, and elevated driver safety.

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