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At Lightfoot, we're dedicated to forging partnerships with companies across all sectors of the fleet industry that share our vision, with the aim of improving fleet safety, savings, and sustainability. Our cutting-edge fleet management technology is endorsed by the majority of insurers and brokers, and we also collaborate with leasing companies, vehicle consultancies, risk-management specialists, EV advisors, road safety charities, and many others.

Through our strategic partnerships, we're committed to shaping the future of the fleet industry and delivering unparalleled fleet performance to our customers. If you're interested in joining us on this journey, reach out today to learn more about how our Partner Program can benefit you and your clients.

“Allianz is delighted to support Lightfoot as part of our commitment to using new technologies to help our customers improve driver safety and efficiency. Since partnering with them in 2015, we have seen first-hand that their technology has a positive effect in reducing fleet customer claims.”

Gerry Ross, 
Head of Motor Insurance at Allianz Insurance

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The benefits of partnering with Lightfoot

Add value for your clients

Add value for your clients

Help fleets manage their premiums and improve performance

Receive free product training

Receive free product training

Stay up to date with online training sessions and cheat sheets

Enjoy one-to-one support

Enjoy one-to-one support

Access a dedicated point of contact for ongoing support

Meet industry professionals

Meet industry professionals

Network at regular Partner gatherings and social events

Leverage bespoke resources

Receive tailored marketing materials and branded literature

Host client events

Educate clients with Lightfoot webinars and online courses

Why opt to work with Lightfoot?

Founded in 2013

Lightfoot has revolutionized the world of fleet management technology. Established in 2013, our company was created to bring about genuine change in the fleet industry. We introduced a groundbreaking solution aimed at helping businesses achieve their goals surrounding fuel savings, emission reduction, and enhanced safety through an innovative strategy: empowering drivers to lead the change.

innovative system pairs an in-cab coaching device with a driver rewards app

Our pioneering system combines an in-cab coaching device with a driver rewards app and a comprehensive management portal, granting fleet drivers autonomy over their on-road performance. By focusing on positive reinforcement, Lightfoot motivates drivers to uphold safer, smoother driving practices and effectively manage their own performance behind the wheel. This approach eliminates the need for time-consuming data analysis, uncomfortable discussions, and negative workplace environments. As a result, we now help fleets across the world to unlock cost savings, sustainability improvements, and better team safety — all fueled by the power of positive reinforcement and driver engagement.

support of our Partners, we’re able to spread the word about the many benefits

Supported by our Partners, we're able to share the advantages of our distinctive fleet management technology ever further, enabling more businesses to boost their fleet performance and improve driver standards.

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