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Boost EV performance within your fleet

EV Charging

Lightfoot goes above and beyond to optimize the performance of your electric fleet, ensuring your vehicles are always primed for action. Our EV solution delivers extended range, promotes better charging behavior, minimizes downtime risks, and facilitates hassle-free home charge reimbursements. The result is a straightforward, streamlined fleet management experience that positions your business at the forefront of sustainable driving.

Our cutting-edge technology directly engages drivers, offering real-time visual and verbal feedback to promote smoother driving. As drivers enhance their performance, they can participate in competitions, win prizes, and compete in league tables through the Lightfoot app. This approach not only equips drivers with the tools to develop superior driving and charging habits but also rewards them for their efforts, guaranteeing long-term benefits for your EV fleet.

Delivering tangible benefits to fleet savings, safety, and sustainability

Extended vehicle range

Driving behavior significantly influences the typical range of an electric vehicle. By adopting a smoother driving style, Lightfoot-equipped fleets can extend EV range by up to 15%1.

Enhanced road safety

A smoother, safety-oriented driving approach substantially reduces fleet risks, with Lightfoot proven to decrease at-fault accidents by as much as 40%2.

Decreased wear and tear

Efficient driving maintains vehicle condition for longer periods. With Lightfoot, you can avoid costly EV repairs and unplanned maintenance, reducing vehicle downtime by 45%3.

1. Lightfoot trials conducted January-April 2022 | 2. Validated by Allianz Insurance Plc. | 3. Endorsed by Ian Thorn, CEF

Power up EV charging with Lightfoot

Lightfoot empowers you to tackle range anxiety and take charge of charging behavior, providing complete peace of mind for operating your electric fleet vehicles.

Upgrade charging routines

Better charging

Automated reminders from the Lightfoot app ensure drivers never overlook charging their electric vehicles, while preset charge limits prevent battery degradation.

Manage driver expenses

Efficient expense management

Drivers can effortlessly generate expense reports via the Lightfoot app, streamlining reimbursement processes for domestic energy usage through the automated management system.

Incentivise new habits

Positive new

Lightfoot's one-of-a-kind gamification platform and rewards-based system incentivize optimal charging behavior, rewarding drivers with prizes and high scores for successful charges.

Cutting-edge EV telematics

Lightfoot's comprehensive EV telematics suite offers full management of your electric fleet, consolidating all necessary data into a single web-based portal. For mixed fleets, the centralized integration of petrol, diesel, and electric vehicle data will help you optimize operational efficiency.

Simple charge management

Streamlined charge management

The intuitive charge expense management system accurately records energy consumption in kWh, tracks charge time and location to distinguish between home and workplace charging, and prevents energy fraud.

Comprehensive dashboard

Detailed dashboard

The customizable dashboard provides easy access to data, real-time updates, and comprehensive insights into EV fleet activity, offering an essential overview within your electric fleet management portal.

Real-time battery monitoring

Real-time battery monitoring

Visibility into battery health will help you facilitate effortless EV redistribution and replacement, as well as preventing overcharging and overheating, and ensuring optimal EV performance over time.

Live State of Charge

Live State of Charge

Intelligent reporting on each vehicle's State of Charge allows for end-of-day and start-of-day charging analysis, triggering app reminders if battery levels dip below the minimum threshold.

Advanced reporting

Advanced reporting

Key data, including journey reports, performance league tables, vehicle history reports, CO2 and environmental data with trend analysis, charge history reports, and more, is readily accessible for informed decision-making.

Easy vehicle tracking

Effortless vehicle tracking

Live vehicle tracking enables quick and accurate location monitoring, route planning, geofencing, and identification of nearby EV charging stations while on the road.

Accurate vehicle status

Accurate vehicle updates

Real-time monitoring, efficiency reports (including cost per km), built-in safety checks, service reminders, and accident alerts ensure seamless EV health management.

Lightfoot for ICE vehicles

Lightfoot for petrol and diesel vehicles

If you're still in the early stages of your electric vehicle transition, Lightfoot's technology can also help you to enhance your current fleet. Our fleet management solutions for petrol and diesel vehicles deliver increased fuel savings, reduced emissions, and enhanced driver safety.

Endorsed by major insurers and brokers

Lightfoot’s results are tried and tested, which is why our EV fleet technology comes fully approved by leading risk-management specialists within the insurance industry:

Endorsed by all major fleet insurers and brokers

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