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What is Lightfoot?

Lightfoot’s unique driver rewards platform is the answer if you're looking for to elevate safety, efficiency, and productivity within your fleet. Available through our dedicated app, our innovative gamification technology directly engages with fleet drivers, empowering them to take charge of their performance and encouraging the development of enduring safer driving habits.

By gamifying driving behaviors, Lightfoot cultivates an enjoyable and engaging experience for drivers, ensuring sustained results. It's no wonder that the majority of drivers actively participate in our exclusive app on a weekly basis, with the opportunity to win cash prizes, special rewards, and top scores — all for doing their job!

Explore the potential of gamification for your business

By combining technology with psychology, Lightfoot offers a revolutionary way to achieve your fleet objectives and unlock new levels of success:

Understanding gamification

Gamification involves incorporating game-based elements— such as point systems, rewards, and competitions— into a workplace environment. This straightforward approach effectively incentivizes specific behaviors among employees, such as driving safely, by consistently offering positive feedback to boost motivation and enhance performance.

It works by tapping into basic human psychology

This strategy leverages fundamental human psychology — introducing an element of enjoyment to tasks that may otherwise seem routine, monotonous, or challenging transforms them into engaging and fulfilling activities. By triggering reward mechanisms in the brain, gamification stimulates the release of feel-good hormones like dopamine, motivating your workforce to accomplish their objectives.

The effectiveness of gamifying driving behavior

Traditionally, managing driver performance has relied on punitive measures and retrospective feedback delivered through outdated telematics systems. While these methods may temporarily improve driver behavior, dangerous habits often resurface over time.

  1. Enter competition
  2. Hit targets
  3. Reveal prize
  4. Win/Lose

In contrast, by fostering a positive work environment where drivers are incentivized and rewarded for enhancing their driving habits, Lightfoot consistently delivers lasting improvements in fleet performance.

Through the Lightfoot app, drivers monitor their performance and participate in weekly competitions, becoming eligible to win prizes when they achieve the Elite Driver target. This ongoing engagement ensures that driving scores remain consistently high week after week. 

grants drivers more autonomy in their work,

Moreover, this approach grants drivers greater autonomy in their work, streamlining management processes and eliminating the need for managers to have challenging conversations with underperforming drivers.

Ultimately, it's a mutually beneficial arrangement for fleets and drivers, resulting in a happier, more productive workforce, reduced environmental impact, and safer roads for everyone.

Trusted by fleets around the world

With 3 out of every 4 drivers hitting the Elite Driver target (scoring 85% and over) every week, it’s clear that gamification is the answer to safer, smoother driving in all fleets.

Trusted by fleets around the world

Better driver engagement, better results

Here’s a look at some of the key successes fleets have achieved using Lightfoot’s gamification platform*:


Drivers engaging with the Lightfoot app every week


 A 5x increase in average profit across the business

29,985 tons

Total annual reduction in carbon emissions


Average fleet savings in fuel consumption


Drivers reaching the Elite Driver target week-on-week


Reduction in dangerous driving across fleets

Decrease in dangerous driving


Fewer at-fault accidents on average

*Based on Lightfoot customer data collected between 2022-2023

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