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The Lightfoot trial comes at no cost to you*, offering a risk-free opportunity to test our technology and determine if it aligns with your fleet's needs.

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This trial is a hands-off experience, spanning several weeks and managed entirely by our expert team. There's no added workload or inconvenience for you.

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You'll gain immediate access to our reporting software, allowing you to see improvements in fuel efficiency, emissions reduction, risky driving incidents, and vehicle damage in real-time.

*For fleets with fewer than 50 vehicles, a small charge may apply. Please enquire for further details.

A trial agreement will need to be signed to cover all data processing and confidentiality requirements.

“Through an introduction by our insurance broker, we met with Lightfoot and decided to trial their driver coaching technology to understand how rewarding our drivers would improve fleet performance and keep our drivers safe. Following on from a successful trial, we are now deploying Lightfoot across the entire Diversey fleet. The trial gave us the chance to test the technology, for free, with our drivers, in our vehicles - I would not hesitate to suggest other fleets do the same to see if Lightfoot can help you achieve your fleet goals” 

Graham Kay,

European Fleet Lead,Diversey

The Lightfoot trial process

Trialing our unique fleet management system is as simple as these three steps:

Blind phase

During the initial stage of the trial, we activate the Lightfoot devices in your vehicles in blind mode. This allows us to gather real-world data based on the performance of your existing fleet vehicles and your fleet's driving patterns.

Live phase

Transitioning to the live phase, your drivers will begin receiving real-time coaching from their in-cab devices. This phase enables you to observe the immediate impact that Lightfoot has on your fleet's performance.

End of trial

At the end of the trial, you'll receive a full report highlighting the changes Lightfoot has made to your fuel costs, accident rates, and CO2 emissions. This will allow you to make an informed decision about whether to integrate Lightfoot into your fleet management strategy.

Trusted by fleets around the world

With 3 out of every 4 drivers hitting the Elite Driver target (scoring 85% and over) every week, it’s clear that gamification is the answer to safer, smoother driving in all fleets

Trusted by fleets around the world

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*Please note, if your fleet is under 50 vehicles, a small charge may apply