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Lightfoot device

Lightfoot’s advanced fleet management technology will boost safety, sustainability, and productivity within your fleet, all whilst motivating and rewarding your drivers.

Our award-winning platform integrates seamlessly with existing fleet systems, helping you to create a diverse ecosystem for optimal fleet performance, whatever your setup.

Lightfoot also serves as a powerful standalone solution, combining in-cab driver coaching technology with a driver rewards app to deliver long-term safety and decarbonization results across your fleet.

Unlock the benefits of smoother, safer driving in your fleet:

fuel savings

Decrease in dangerous driving

accident reduction

fewer CO2 emissions

Fewer harsh braking events

less wear and tear

Reduction in rapid acceleration

reduction in dangerous driving

more EV range

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Lightfoot’s fully integrated system empowers your drivers to be safer, steadier, and more sustainable whilst out on the road. No matter what your fleet goals are, our advanced AI technology will provide you with the tools to succeed.

Lightfoot & ICE vehicles

Experience enhanced driver performance

Elevate your petrol and diesel fleet through real-time driver coaching and gamification. Lightfoot is proven to achieve greater fuel savings, reduce harmful emissions, minimize downtime, improve road safety, and optimize efficiency, all by steering your fleet drivers towards a smoother driving approach.

Lightfoot & EVs

Embrace the transition to EVs

No matter where you stand in your journey towards fleet electrification, Lightfoot is here to help you simplify the process, ensuring a smooth transition. Whether you're just starting out, managing a mixed fleet, or preparing for full electric adoption, our EV solution will provide everything you need to streamline charging routines, reduce downtime, enhance safety, and extend range.

Incentivize your entire fleet with gamification


Drive positive change within your fleet by encouraging your drivers to strive for optimal performance. Our innovative gamification technology empowers drivers to make lasting improvements to their driving style through continuous rewards and recognition, resulting in smoother, safer driving that benefits the whole fleet.

Get the maximum value from your vehicle data

With Lightfoot’s seamless integration capabilities, it’s easy to create one connected platform with optimum functionality. There’s no need to switch between systems in search of data – integrate with Lightfoot and you'll be able to streamline your business processes, share and centralize your data, explore more extensive performance insights, and make informed decisions in all areas of your fleet.

Try our industry-leading tech for free

It all begins with a free* trial. Take the next step towards superior fleet performance by experiencing our cutting-edge fleet management system for yourself. Delivered at no cost, with no commitment, the Lightfoot trial is your chance to discover if we really do deliver a clear return on investment. With 85% of businesses going on to install our technology across their entire fleet afterwards, we’re confident that we have the solution you’ve been searching for.

*Please note, if your fleet is under 50 vehicles, a small charge may apply

Trusted by fleets around the world

Trusted by fleets around the world

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